Friendship Sponsorship Program

Friendship is proud to support many worthwhile organizations in the market area we serve.We realize that we are not able to support every important cause…but we sincerely try to be as generous as possible and reach out as far as we can to improve the quality of life in our region.
Our primary focus is improving the quality of life of the youth of our region and supporting the humane treatment of animals in our area. We direct nearly all of our available funds to these missions.

The decision on what organizations to offer financial contributions are made by the senior leadership of the Friendship organization with special emphasis on the following:

We know it is easier to say YES to every request than it is to say NO to some. Allocating funds is a difficult decision…..but it is a decision that Friendship takes very seriously. Please keep in mind that although we will not be able to honor all requests immediately…we may be able to consider them in the future.

Friendship does have a program available where your organization can earn donations from Friendship by simply supporting the Friendship Family of Dealerships in the area of new vehicle sales, used vehicle sales, parts and accessory sales and service sales. We have 16 franchises …14 locations…in 5 cities and 2 states…so there are lots of choices and lots of ways to earn dollars for your organization. Details of this program can be found on the website.

Thank you for all you do for our area organizations. The world is better because of your generosity.

Mitch Walters

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