Friendship Lifetime Warranty FAQs
  1. How long is the Lifetime Warranty really good for?

    The Friendship Lifetime Warranty is valid for as long as you own your vehicle – UNLIMITED TIME and UNLIMITED MILES.

  2. Where am I covered by the Friendship Lifetime Warranty?

    You are covered at any Friendship Dealership. You are also covered at an authorized licensed repair facility.

  3. What is covered under the Friendship Lifetime Warranty?

    The components covered are the same as the manufacturer’s powertrain warranty.

  4. What if I lease the vehicle?

    The Friendship Lifetime Warranty is included with the vehicle lease. If you decide to purchase the vehicle at lease end, the warranty will stay with the vehicle.

  5. Is there any extra maintenance required?

    No, there is no extra maintenance required. Simply follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

  6. Is the Friendship Lifetime Warranty transferable?

    The Friendship Lifetime Warranty cannot be transferred and will expire when the vehicle is sold, traded or is declared a total loss.

  7. Are there any hidden costs?

    Absolutely not. The Friendship Lifetime Warranty is complimentary with no hidden costs or gimmicks.

  8. Do all vehicles qualify for the Friendship Lifetime Warranty?

    All new vehicles qualify for the Friendship Lifetime Warranty with the exception of commercial, livery, taxi, delivery, rental, racing, law enforcement, security, emergency and high performance vehicles.

  9. Can I get the Friendship Lifetime Warranty at another dealer in the area?

    No. Friendship has been chosen as the select group of dealerships to offer this Lifetime Warranty.

  10. Do I have to have all of my service performed at Friendship?

    No. Our service departments will properly maintain your vehicle and will also retain copies of your maintenance records to insure your warranty remains in force, but you are not required to visit Friendship. However, you are required to provide documentation of maintenance records in accordance with manufacturer’s recommended maintenance.

  11. What if I don’t plan on keeping the vehicle for more than 3 or 4 years?

    The Friendship Lifetime Warranty is still included as long as you own your vehicle. Remember, sometimes plans change unexpectedly and the Friendship Lifetime Warranty could prove to be very valuable.

  12. What’s the catch?

    There are no catches, hidden fees or gimmicks. The Friendship Family of Dealerships provides the Friendship Lifetime Warranty as an added value to our customers. It is just part of the Friendship Advantage.

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